Full Membership

Benefits of Full Membership
  • Privilege to be a steering partner of the prestigious Ceylon College of Critical Care Specialists who is entitled to hold office in the council along with voting power at meetings of the College.
  • Along with all other benefits entitled to as an Associate Members.


Following shall be eligible to become a Full Member of the College.

  • Registered medical practitioner in Sri Lanka Medical Council or equivalent registering authority, who is a,
  • Board certified Specialist in Critical Care Medicine, certified by a recognized University of Sri Lanka, or post MD trainee in Critical Care Medicine in Sri Lanka


  • BoardĀ certifiedĀ as a Specialist in Critical Care Medicine/ Intensive Care Medicine by an overseas specialist/ postgraduate boards with an equivalent overseas qualification, upon the acceptance of the Council of the Ceylon College of Critical Care Specialists

Please note: Voting power of post-graduate trainees in Critical Care Medicine will cease once there are more than 30 Board Certified Specialists in Critical Care Medicine, though they are considered as Full Members of the College.

Supporting Documents
  • Print out of submitted online application form
  • Certified copies of
    • Updated certificate of registration in SLMC/ equivalent authority
    • Certificate of the degree of MD by University of Colombo or an equivalence
    • Board certification as a Specialist in Critical Care/ Intensive Care Medicine
    • (Or for a post-graduate trainee, supportive letter by a post-graduate Trainer who is a Full Member of the College)
  • Above application should be supported by two Full Members of the College, one of whom should be a current Council Member.
  • Evidence of bank transfer/deposit of membership fee.

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