COVID 19: Should they be treated differently?

Dr. Nuwan Ranawaka

Consultant Intesivist

Dr Krishakeesen Kamal and Dr Tharuka Kalhari, Consultant Intensivists attached to University Hospital of Kothalawala Defense University, carried out percutaneous tracheostomy in a critically ill patient with COVID 19 despite the risk to their lives.

Pandemic of COVID 19 in 21st century uncovered serious concerns related to practice of modern medicine. Highly contagious virus highlighted the inability of counteraction of highly sophisticated contemporary medicine. Further, it resurfaced the benefits of preventive medicine beyond the doubts.

Most importantly, the current pandemic emphasized the importance of adherence of ethical principles in medicine. Though the patients are infected with highly contagious virus which could potentially risk the lives of medical professionals, they need the same treatment to save their lives. On the other hand, provision of such treatment while risking the lives of self by medical professionals demonstrates the noble qualities of the profession.

COVID 19: Should they be treated differently?