Focused Intensive Care Sonography ECHO is a specifically designed “workshop combined course” to develop and enhance echocardiographic skills in medical practitioners who are caring for critically ill patients in intensive care units.  The course is targeted to any interested doctor working in intensive care, so could be recommended for post graduate trainees, medical officers in intensive care and consultants involved in ICUs.  The Ceylon College of critical care specialists and the Sri Lanka College of Cardiology in collaboration have formulated this comprehensive, detailed course which is in par with internationally renowned intensive care related echocardiography courses, to up lift the care provided by intensive care units to the very ill population of patients in ICUs in a timely fashion.

It is conducted as two separate entities

  1. Workshop
  2. Accreditation Course.

The one-day work shop consists of a series of lectures and hands on work stations. The faculty includes FICE UK accredited Consultant Intensivists and Consultant Cardiologists to ensure highest quality and standards in par with similar international intensive care echo programs. A certificate of participation will be awarded once it is complete.

An interested candidate can there after join the accreditation course, which consists of an online module which should be completed including the multiple-choice questions at the end, appraisal of a completed log book and final practical echo assessment in the presence of 2 mentors. Successful completion of all components fulfills the criteria for accreditation in FICS ECHO.  The completion of the accreditation process should not take more than 12 months since the participation to the FICS ECHO one day course.

Most importantly, the candidate will be able to experience the International Standards of Online Training via our Moodle Learning Management System Platform.

Additionally, the registrants to the course will be able to join an Online Discussion Forum, where they will be able to communicate with trainers and peers at any time on matters related to intensive care echocardiography.

As a starting point, this course will be conducted in Colombo and it is expected to be run at least twice per year.

Up to date, this will be the first course of this kind that does not stop at conducting a one-day work shop but goes into ensuring continuous development and assessment and there by building up echocardiography skills in non-cardiologists involved in taking care of the sickest patients in ICU.  It is our belief through course like these, not only do we empower the practitioners in intensive care units to deliver safe, timely, accurate treatment for patients but also develop competence, confidence and continuous professional development in the intensive care community.